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As emerging technologies are continually introduced, the application of technology varies significantly by market vertical. Optivor’s account managers and engineers stay ahead of market trends and have the training and experience to understand the unique IT needs of the diverse markets we serve.


Defense & Military

Providing an array of Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certified equipment and solutions, Optivor understands the security demands of modernizing communications environments for Military Operations. With more than 15 years of relevant experience supporting Defense and Military agencies’ mission-critical IT requirements, in both CONUS and OCONUS, we understand the significance and importance of information technology, infrastructure modernization, and efficient lifecycle management. We leverage our experience, proven program management approach using validated processes and procedures, and the combined capabilities of our innovative teaming partners to provide the design, development, integration and deployment of enterprise-wide information technology and communications solutions. Optivor is fully committed to meeting Defense and Military agencies’ current and future mission requirements, and delivering quality, innovation, and technical excellence in support of our nation’s warfighters.

Federal Civilian Government

Today’s government workforce is increasingly distributed and mobile, and agency officials must interact with people and information through multiple channels and devices while protecting borders, ensuring commerce, and securing assets. Government agencies are serving citizens while protecting their privacy and Optivor helps transform their operations to ensure they provide trusted and consistent information, replace complex legacy processes and equipment to mitigate risk, reduce total cost of ownership, and optimize solution performance tailored to specific mission requirements.



In today’s environment, how we communicate is constantly evolving and impacts the way state and local government agencies across the United States interact with their constituents. One of the major priorities for government is the modernization of their network infrastructure to be flexible, current, reliable, and secure. And while the demand for new services, support, productivity, and greater flexibility may be substantial, budgets are often constrained. Optivor provides technical expertise to state and local agencies with the right IT solutions that align to each agency’s unique needs and goals.

Optivor supports the complete enterprise IT lifecycle, from design, integration, and modernization, to operation and maintenance of complex voice and unified communication networks. Working closely with state and local governments, we ensure communication infrastructures are secure, efficient, scalable, and cost-effective.




In the ever-changing world we live in today, expanding the reach of knowledge in new technological ways is becoming more important for school districts and higher education institutions. How we communicate is no longer just about a phone system, but it is about the nurturing of the relationships within and outside of each educational facility and ensuring the safety of students/parents, faculty, and staff with rapid dissemination of information.

From primary through higher educational institutions, Optivor’s solutions and services support students’ success with cost-effective online and offline learning experiences and the ability to offer affordable distance, online, and hybrid learning solutions. This includes enabling these institutions to recruit more effectively, realize cost savings, facilitate better student outcomes, improve the overall educational experience, and increase online learning.

We can assist transforming any educational environment to optimize collaboration and knowledge sharing with state-of-the-art, cost-effective, Unified Communications solutions and services, whether it is in a traditional campus or distance learning environment.




With Optivor’s tailored Unified Communications solutions, we help hospitality providers offer superior customer service for their guests throughout their stay. Whether a solution requires real time, secure, communications between management, housekeeping, and maintenance staff, or there is a need to engage with customers over any device, channel or application, we can design and implement a communications infrastructure which meets the specific demands of our service sector clientele.

Integrated communications enable employees and business guests to optimize their workflows and offers the ability to connect with one another across a seamless, robust platform. Concierge services are enhanced with digital transformation solutions that personalize each unique guest experience through catered online amenities. From booking and registration services, to video conferencing, and convenient in-room services, our unified communications solutions enable hospitality environments to provide first class service for their guests.

The benefits of implementing a well-designed, customized communication solution, to a hotel or other customer-centric service provider, result in reducing overall cost of operations and maintenance, improving staff and administrative efficiencies, saving on unnecessary capital expenditures, and retaining repeat guests through exceptional experiences.




Connecting with consumers in the retail industry is essential in attracting and retaining repeat business in aggressively competitive markets, often operating within lean margins. In this respect, Unified Communications solutions play a considerable role in customer interactions on multiple levels, which in turn impacts success in ever-changing business environments. Optivor brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to help retail organizations maximize their use of communications technologies and improve customer engagement.




The diversity of businesses within the competitive financial sector have many common goals when deploying their communications infrastructure, such as the need for robust reliability, accurate information communicated in real-time, flexibility in using multiple devices, and secure connections when transmitting potentially sensitive information. Optivor can help financial customers remain agile and on the cutting edge of information technology and network infrastructure by offering technical solutions that optimize end-to-end workflows and take advantage of a broad range of communications options.

With the right unified communications strategy and planning, financial institutions can leverage communications technologies to improve customer engagement, improve efficiencies, enhance security, reduce the total cost of operations while understanding scalability for growth against fiscal responsibilities.

Whether it’s a bank, insurance company, accounting firm, or other financial institution, Optivor helps customers navigate through the myriad array of communications technologies and design the right solution to achieve the desired results for the present with regards to the future.